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2018 Press Articles

Annual Freedom Hunt is all about special kids

"For some children with physical or emotional challenges the great outdoors might mean nothing more than a slab of concrete or patch of asphalt. Experiencing a true, natural setting, teeming with wildlife, might be out of their normal realm of enjoyment.
Read full article by John Martino, Kokomo Tribune

2016 Press Articles

Freedom Hunt special for children with special needs

"In a few short months, tree leaves will begin changing color throughout Indiana woodlots. This display of color not only signals the coming of fall, but also the start of the much anticipated hunting seasons.
Read full article by John Martino

2014 Press Articles

Freedom Hunt founder receives recognition

"Because of Griffey’s vision and dedication to youth, many children who would otherwise never have an opportunity to enjoy the tradition of deer hunting have now experienced one of our state’s most popular outdoor activities.”
Read full article by John Martino


2012 Press Articles

Good Things...Good People

"My high school football coach and friend, Don Baldini, often told us that “good things happen to good people.”  I believed this the first time he uttered the words and continue to believe the same today.  This could not have been more evident than over the last full weekend in Sept. which we hunters otherwise recognize as the “youth deer season.”"
Open PDF of Brad Rozzi's Retrospect on 2012 Deer Hunt

Hunters more than happy to take part in Freedom Hunt

"On almost any given day, Jim Rogers’ Cass County farm is a tranquil setting with rolling crop land, green pastures and sprawling woods bordering the gently flowing waters of the Eel River. But for one weekend a year it becomes a hub of activity, a place where friendships and memories are made transgressing lifetimes."
Read full article by John Martino


Freedom Hunt for special kids

"The kids were pumped. By late Saturday, they had bagged eight turkeys between them. And they had another morning of hunting in front of them.

"This is so cool," said Zoe Miller, 14, of North Vernon as she showed off a jake - a young male - she tagged with help from her adult guide, Brad Day. "
Read full article in PlanDealer-Sun.com

2011 Press Articles

Freedom Hunt an enriching experience

"Anthony Correia was a typical young boy. He was inquisitive, full of energy and held a penchant for the outdoors. Then, through a dramatic twist of fate, his life changed forever.

He was on his way to school when a tragic car accident left him confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life."
Read full article by John Martino


Special children receive special weekend: Cass County farm was host to Freedom Hunt

"To the deer hunter, any place that harbors whitetails is a hallowed piece of ground. Put children with special needs on it for a youth-only deer-hunting weekend and it becomes even more sacred.

For the sixth straight year, Jim Rogers graciously donated his sprawling Cass County farm for the Freedom Hunt. This event provides children with various types of disabilities an opportunity for a two-day camping trip, while also taking part in one of Indiana’s greatest outdoor traditions."
Read full article by John Martino


2010 Press Articles

Special kids get special weekend outdoors

"Through the first night the camp laid silent, except for the cacophony of tree frogs, crickets and distant howl of a coyote. In the predawn darkness on opening morning, the camp slowly came to life. The fire was stoked, guides readied equipment and kids dressed themselves in their new camouflaged clothing. It wasn’t long before groups of children and guides began the trek to their respective ground blinds. Parents and other camp volunteers congregated around the large camp fire intently wishing for their success." Read full article by John Martino



Photo of Brian Foust's Deer

Freedom Hunt succeeds again

"Every year, the last full weekend of September plays host to the Freedom Hunt deer hunt. Freedom Hunt is organization whose primary focus is to expose special needs children to the outdoors through the guidance of experienced outdoorsmen and women." Read full Pharos Tribune article


2009 Press Articles

Turkey Freedom Hunt a success

"A group of youth from Cass and other counties throughout the state recently joined conservation officers and outdoor enthusiasts for a weekend of camping, hunting and memory making." Read full Pharos Tribune article

A successful outing

"The experience exemplifies the essence of Freedom Hunt, a not-for-profit organization that since 2006 has been giving special needs children the opportunity to hunt. A group of sportsmen and women joined 14 youth hunters and their families at a campground on the Eel River in Cass County Friday through Sunday." Read full article by Kevin Lilly

A dream weekend for special needs children

"For children with physical or emotional challenges the great outdoors might be nothing more than a patch of asphalt or slab of concrete. A true undisturbed natural setting may be out of their normal realm of enjoyment. But thanks to the fourth annual Freedom Hunt, 14 special needs children were afforded a weekend-long camping and deer-hunting adventure." Read more from the Kokomo Tribune

Turkey Freedom Hunt a success

"A total of 12 youths from across Indiana experienced their first turkey hunt this past weekend. The event, dubbed Southern Swing because of its location in Jennings County, was put on by Freedom Hunt, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing outdoor adventures for children with special needs." Read more


2008 Press Articles

Special needs kids enjoy annual Freedom Hunt

"Every adult taking part in this year’s hunt know it’s in the woods where the real magic lies. The magic of watching the natural world come alive with the first hint of daylight. The magic of watching a child’s eyes light up when they see their first deer. They know the true reward of hunting is the intangible satisfaction of watching children respond positively to the natural world." Read more of John Martino's article

Blind for Freedom Hunt destroyed

DNR offers $200 reward for tips leading to the arrest of criminal who destroyed a blind intended for use during the 2008 Freedom Hunt.
Read more from the Pharos Tribune

2007 Press Articles

Freedom Hunt is right around the corner

"Brandon Stacks’ jaw was firmly set, his eyes focused straight ahead. He was sitting in a camouflaged ground blind he shared with his guide, Ernie Hurst. Although cerebral palsy may have strained his mobility, it did nothing to dampen his desire to hunt. So much was said from the huge smile that soon crossed his face, but not a word was spoken. He didn’t have to." Read more from the Kokomo Tribune

Freedom Hunt proves to be special day for kids

“This type of activity not only benefits the children, but we adults as well,” said Ernie Hurst, who also served as a guide. Several of us agreed that it was nice to leave the pressures and stress of our daily jobs behind, if only for a little while, to provide these children with a positive memory. “It almost makes me feel kind of bad,” Eubank stated, as he rubbed the two day stubble that had accumulated on his chin. “While we talked about the pressures we sometimes deal with, these kids have to deal with the utmost in challenges every day of their lives, yet they remain positive and take each day as a gift. Everyone can learn a lot from these kids.”
Read John Martino's full article in the Kokomo Tribune

Freedom Hunt rewards special needs children

Freedom Hunt offered 10 special needs kids under the age of 15 a chance to sleep in army tents, fish the Eel River and go deer hunting. The kids also hung out with deer hunting enthusiasts from around the state. Read full article by Kevin Lilly in the Pharos Tribune

2006 Press Articles

Disabled children will have opportunity to hunt

"The tradition of hunting is a much needed and celebrated event, something felt deep inside, something we try so hard to accurately define — a time when lifelong friendships are made and existing ones reinforced." Read more of John Martino's article in the Kokomo Tribune

Freedom Hunt teaches everyone

"The outing was planned around Indiana’s first special youth deer hunting weekend. The camp location, situated on the banks of Eel River in Cass County, filled to capacity on Friday night. After arriving at camp, participants and their parents met the men who would serve as their guides and a host of other volunteers who would do their part in making a memorable weekend for these children."
Read more of John Martino's article in the Kokomo Tribune