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Freedom Hunt 2008

Disability: N/A

"I wanted to share some pictures I took of him when we went hunting in November.  As you can see in the pictures, he is very proud of his gun.  Thanks again for everything, The Freedom Hunt organization and everyone associated with it has touched a little man's life and has shown him and has placed confidence in him that he can do things that everyone else can do." ~ Cody's father

Updated: Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Freedom Hunt 2007

Disability: Mild/moderate mentally handicapped, ADD and Dyspraxia

Update: Junior in High School, worked for the Parks Department this past summer. His job included clearing walking trails, planting flowers and many other tasks. His summer job enabled him to save enough money to purchase a new over/under 12 ga shotgun.

"Brandon was invited to participate in the First Freedom Hunt. Even though he did not harvest a deer that year he had the time of his life.  That weekend turned Brandon into a hunting fanatic; he now hunts dove, pheasant, duck, rabbit, deer and possibly black bear this fall." ~ Brent

Updated: Tuesday, August 1, 2008



Freedom Hunt 2007 - First hunt ever!

Disability: Profound Hearing Loss w/ cochlear Implant

Update: Driving and works at a local resturant during the summer; Senior in high school, plays Varsity Baseball and Soccer

"(Tyler’s Dad) have never been a hunter, so our experience at F.H. was exciting for the both of us. Tyler’s first ever shot at a deer landed him a 100+ pound doe. It was an experience that will never be forgotten, as the mounted head hangs proudly in his bedroom. The Freedom Hunt Staff and "Family" exercise a heart-warming and fun-packed event. Keep up the great inspirational ministry..." ~ Todd

Updated: Tuesday, August 1, 2008